How To Register A Trailer Without Title In Wisconsin?

To register a homemade trailer without a title in Wisconsin, follow these summarized steps.

1. Complete and sign the Wisconsin Title & License Plates form (MV1).

2. Pay applicable fees for title, registration, taxes, etc.

3. Provide a written statement explaining the trailer’s construction or acquisition, including original receipts or a detailed explanation of previously owned materials.

4. If the trailer was purchased, submit proof of ownership, like a bill of sale.

5. Include photos of the trailer from all four sides, showing the hitch.

6. Mail the application and all documents to the Vehicle Research Unit, Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

Can You Sell A Trailer Without A Title In Wisconsin

Yes, in Wisconsin, you can sell a trailer without a title, especially if it’s a homemade trailer or one that was never titled. However, it’s recommended to provide a bill of sale or any proof of ownership to facilitate the transfer to the new owner. The new owner may then apply for a title or registration if needed, especially for trailers exceeding certain weight limits or for use on public roads, to get seized license plate back.

Wisconsin Trailer Registration Online

For online registration, you can start the process on the Wisconsin DMV’s official website. You’ll need to agree to the terms, including mailing the required documents to the department and understanding that fees are non-refundable. After completing the online transaction, you should mail items like the Title and License eApplication/Receipt, the original title signed by the seller, and a lien release if applicable. The mailing address is WisDOT-eMV Public, P.O. Box 7907, Madison, WI 53707-7907. Remember that you cannot legally operate the vehicle on Wisconsin roads until the process is complete.

In-Person Services

If you prefer to register your trailer in person, especially if you’re a new resident, you need the Certificate of Title signed by the seller, a lien release if there’s a lien holder, your driver’s license or ID for proof of identity, and payment. There’s a $5 counter service fee for in-person services. For a smoother process, you can bring a pre-filled MV1 Application which helps calculate fees. You can find the nearest DMV Service Center and third-party agencies that can process title transfers and issue new plates for walk-in customers.

Mail-In Application

To apply by mail, print the necessary documents including the Wisconsin Title and License Plate application (MV1), which can be pre-filled online to calculate fees. You’ll need the original Certificate of Title, an odometer reading, and if there are any alterations on the title, a completed Statement of Intent (MV2489). Include fees for registration, title, sales tax, local sales tax, wheel tax, and an electric or hybrid electric vehicle fuel surcharge if applicable. Do not send cash; payments should be made via check or money order payable to Registration Fee Trust and sent to WI Dept. of Transportation, P.O. Box 7949, Madison, WI 53707-7949.

Special Considerations for Different Types of Trailers

If your trailer is a fifth wheel, travel trailer, Park Model, RV trailer, or boat trailer weighing over 3,000 pounds, being used for hire or rental, or used out-of-state, it needs both a title and plates. Mobile homes less than 45 feet long used on roadways also require title and plates. However, manufactured and mobile homes greater than 45 feet long do not require plates from WisDOT.

For more detailed information and to start the online process, you can visit the Wisconsin DMV’s official website for vehicle registration, title and registration, and information on different types of trailers.

Does Wisconsin Require Titles For Trailers?

In Wisconsin, whether a trailer requires a title depends on its weight and use. Trailers that weigh 3,000 pounds or less and are used for personal purposes do not require a title. However, if the trailer exceeds this weight limit, a title is required. This distinction ensures that larger trailers, typically used for commercial purposes or carrying heavier loads, are properly documented and registered. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, it’s advisable to consult the Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s regulations.

What Is The Trailer Law In Wisconsin?

The trailer law in Wisconsin primarily involves regulations on titling, registration, and weight limits. Trailers weighing over 3,000 pounds require a title. Additionally, all trailers, regardless of weight, must be registered if used on public roads. There are specific requirements for lighting, brakes, and safety chains based on the trailer’s size and usage. Homemade trailers have additional requirements, including inspections and proof of construction. Always check the latest guidelines from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation for detailed and current information on trailer laws.

How Do I Register A Trailer Without A Title In Sc?

To register a trailer without a title in South Carolina, you must fill out the “Affidavit of Ownership for a Motor Vehicle, Trailer, or Mobile Home” (Form TI-021A) and “Vehicle Identification Verification for Title without a Previous Title” (Form TI-021B). This process is necessary if the trailer was not previously titled. For trailers under certain weight limits and not used out of state, registration may not be required. However, trailers with a gross weight over 3,000 pounds must have brakes on all wheels, and specific lighting and safety features are mandated. For detailed instructions and forms, refer to the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (SCDMV) website​​.

Do I Need To Register My Trailer In Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, the need to register a trailer depends on its use and weight. Trailers used for personal purposes that weigh 3,000 pounds or less do not require a title, and their registration is optional. However, if your trailer is used for commercial purposes or exceeds this weight limit, it must be both titled and registered. It’s important to check with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation for the most current and specific requirements related to your trailer’s registration and titling.

Wisconsin Trailer Registration Laws

Here’s a concise summary of Wisconsin’s trailer registration laws.

  • Weight-Based Registration: Trailers over 3,000 pounds require registration; those under this limit have optional registration.
  • Title Requirement: Trailers used for commercial purposes or over 3,000 pounds must be titled.
  • Identification: Trailers must have a visible, legible VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).
  • Registration Period: Trailer registrations are typically valid for one or two years, renewable.
  • Fees: Registration fees vary based on trailer type and use.
  • Lighting and Safety: Compliance with specific lighting and safety standards is required, especially for larger trailers.


How much does it cost to register a trailer in Wisconsin?

The cost to register a trailer in Wisconsin varies depending on the trailer’s gross weight. For a recreational vehicle trailer, the registration fee is $15. However, for trailers that are used as trucks, buses, road tractors, or have dual purposes, the fees increase with the gross weight of the vehicle. For example, trailers with a gross weight not exceeding 4,500 lbs. have a registration fee of $26.00, while those at 10,000 lbs. have a fee of $155.00. These fees are part of the vehicle registration fee chart provided by the Wisconsin DMV, effective from October 1, 2019​​.

How much is a title fee for a trailer in Wisconsin?

The title fee for a trailer in Wisconsin is $164.50, whether it’s for an original title or a title transfer. This fee is standard for most vehicle titles in the state​​.

Why is Wisconsin title fee so high?

The reason Wisconsin’s title fees are considered high is primarily to support the budget of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT). These fees, along with other charges like sales tax and annual registration fees, help offset the operating costs of the department​​.

What size trailer needs a title in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, a title is required for trailers that exceed 3,000 pounds gross vehicle weight. Trailers at or below this threshold do not require a title unless they are used for hire or rental. However, getting a title for such trailers is recommended, especially if they will be used outside of Wisconsin, as other states may have different registration laws​​.


In Wisconsin, the registration and titling of trailers are governed by specific requirements based on their weight and usage. For homemade trailers without a title, a detailed process involving form completion, fee payment, and submission of construction details and photos is required.

Selling a trailer without a title is possible, particularly for homemade or untitled trailers, with a bill of sale recommended for ownership transfer. Online, in-person, and mail-in options are available for trailer registration, each with unique document and fee requirements.

Trailers over 3,000 pounds must be titled and registered, with different rules for mobile homes based on their size. The Wisconsin DMV provides comprehensive guidelines for these processes.

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